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Stumps can be annoying, stubborn, persistent, and destructive to fully remove from your yard!  Moore Stump Removal specializes in the use of high-horsepower grinding equipment to mulch stumps into non-existence and chase bulging roots to reclaim otherwise lost and rough parts of your landscape.  Reasons to remove stumps vary far and wide, and are specific to each client's individual wants and needs.  Some common reasons you may want to consider stump removal:

  • Stumps can attract insects and spread disease to other areas of your yard

  • Above ground root structures can promote the growth of volunteer shoots and regrowth that can overtake your yard

  • Stumps and roots can present tripping hazards and destroy hardscape masonry, concrete, grass and turf.

I work closely with homeowners to discuss every detail, beginning with a FREE estimate through clear expectations of the final product.  I work with businesses and can haul and fully remove all excess material too!  I enjoy difficult projects and coming up with creative options to satisfy the needs of my clients.


Stump Grinding

Through the Tree Branch

Tree Contracting Services

Image by Chris Bair


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